Kintsugi Project

Published: 15th January 2021

“We too can repair our cracks with gold and glow again. Crazed by life and more beautiful than before” – Scott Hastie

Kintsugi is the Japanese art form of repairing something broken with liquid gold. This is done because it is believed that in highlighting the objects flaws it showcases its history and in turn it makes the object more beautiful than it ever was before.

After almost a year of confusion and uncertainty, although living in a digital age, as humans we are more disconnected than ever before. Our mental health is poor, our relationships weakened and our communities feel far away. Soon this will pass and a time when engaging in the things we have missed so dearly will become our very own liquid gold.

Inspired by traditions and tales from Japanese culture ‘Kintsugi’ is a project that encourages us to look forward to the future with excitement, look back on the past with respect and appreciate what we have right now. This is an audio-visual project working with the local community to discuss how we put ourselves back together after all of this. Piece by piece, crack by crack.

This is a piece of theatre that can be created from the comfort of your own home, exploring the impact that you can have on the world outside your window. From spoken word, to photography, and everything in between, we want this piece to celebrate and utilise all art forms, so if you would like to be involved, please email