30th October 2019

Dying To Get Clean – A look into the world of Heroin Addiction in “Cuckoo”

Posted by Will, aged 14, about his work experience day with us in rehearsals for our project ‘Cuckoo’, exploring county lines drugs dealing

In the United Kingdom, the most commonly sought out treatment for drug addiction is centred around heroin, a shocking 42% of all cases, which is nearly the same for cannabis, cocaine and amphetamine users combined (a respective 25, 15, and 2 percent each). Despite this, the number of overall heroin users and overdoses from heroin has …

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12th July 2019

Journey to Icon

When I heard about the upcoming work experience at my school, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do. I want to become an actor so I was very keen to go a theatre company or somewhere linked to theatre or film and movies. I also didn’t want to travel too far either to get there. Truth be told my Mum did help me with trying to find different companies as i found finding somewhere harder than I’d hoped. …

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6th June 2019

Part of the Community

I had no rhyme or reason to believe Icon Theatre were different from any other theatre company present in the Medway Area. Situated in the not-so-cosy area next to the Chatham high street, I was introduced to the warm and inviting persona of Amy Riley and her Youth Theatre group at the Brook theatre (a building at which, until that point, I had never even heard of) and the idea of being part of a collective company.

“£1 pound …

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1st May 2019

Owning The Work: The Joy Of Devising

For the Easter half-term I had been given the opportunity to work with  Amy with ICON Theatre’s Play in a Week.  Having previously worked with ICON Youth Theatre I was excited to work on a new project with some familiar faces as well as some that were new. Play in a week consisted of two, three hour workshops working with two groups of young performers aged 7-11 and  12-16.

Having been a part of Play in a Week I can …

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29th April 2019

Mammoths, Cabbages and Community

Cabbage Island was a local history project that explored the history and area of Luton. This resulted in a touring exhibition which started at the All Saint’s Community Centre, then went to Chatham library, before eventually finishing at Luton library, and proved to be very popular. I was fortunate enough to volunteer on this project. I helped out with researching and putting the exhibition together, before attending the exhibition events and talking to local people who came to see it.

Before …

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25th April 2019

Well look at us… We’re blogging!

Hello! Welcome to our very first ICON Theatre blog post. This is where you can find out about all the new things we are doing, meet members of the team and the ICON Theatre community, as well as stay updated on all the exciting stuff our Youth Theatre and Pulse Project members are getting up to.

We want to get more people taking part and experiencing
theatre in Medway, whether that’s through performing, writing, telling your
story or just going to see something …

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