We transform lives and strengthen communities, by supporting people to make and experience world class theatre and participatory arts.


Based in Chatham, our work is shaped by the communities of Medway and north Kent, where we use a process called collective theatre to explore local stories, social issues and wider injustices.

Collective theatre places authentic voices at the heart of every story; eye witnesses, individual accounts, people who have been through the system and come out to tell the tale, voices and testimonies from drop-in centres, supermarkets, youth clubs and schools.

We use collective theatre to make big shows with whole communities in places that are central to their lives.  We use it to make small shows which tour nationally and engage individuals in unexpected settings, to work with disadvantaged and excluded communities, to highlight voices that are not usually heard.  We use it to tell stories that inspire change.


Our work supports participants to develop strong, authentic voices, gaining personal, social, professional and creative skills that lead to education and employment opportunities, as well as an increased sense of empowerment which acts as a catalyst for further social change.

Approach and Values

Rooted firmly in north Kent, our branches spread further afield.  Led by our founder and Artistic Director Nancy Hirst, we use local stories as a reflection of the global experience.  We tour to audiences across the UK and develop national and international partnerships to ensure our work remains innovative and invigorated.

We create high quality work that promotes the authentic voice of participants and reflects a genuine sense of place.  We are empowering and collaborative, inclusive, excellent and inspirational.

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‘A sharp, impeccably performed and blazingly impassioned piece of theatre…simply terrific’

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