When I heard about the upcoming work experience at my school, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to do. I want to become an actor so I was very keen to go to a theatre company or somewhere linked to theatre or film and movies. I also didn’t want to travel too far either to get there. Truth be told my Mum did help me with trying to find different companies as I found finding somewhere harder than I’d hoped. Icon Theatre got back to us and I was able to get work experience there.

I wasn’t too sure what to wear in the morning of my first day. After an extensive 5 minutes of thinking, my decision was to wear my school shirt and trousers. At first, a tie didn’t seem like a good choice but after raiding my Dad’s wardrobe, I found a nice one that suited me.

While on the train to the theatre on the first day, I was thinking about several different things:

Who was gonna be there?
What they would want me to do when I got there ?
Had I got the right train?
Most importantly was I going to enjoy it or not?

When I got there, I was surprised about how much work went into the theatre behind-the-scenes and how much preparation was needed for shows and youth theatres. It really helped me to understand theatre more and better appreciate how much work and thought goes into organising events. Everyone was really friendly, helpful and gave me plenty of work to get on with. I know the idea of work doesn’t sound that fun but I really enjoyed myself and I was able to prove that I was useful and was keen to work. I even had my own desk.

I was given opportunities to see the inner workings of their websites and social media platforms which I found really interesting as everything felt so professional and organised. I was able to help work on some of their new projects such as Theatre31 and research for new play ideas. I also found the experience different and new as I’d never seen theatre from that perspective before. I had a really good time helping out and working there. Hopefully I get to see some of the performances and projects they’re working on soon.

It’s also made me more excited and confident about pursuing a career in theatre. I’ve always liked acting ever since I was the main part of Robin Hood in my year 6 Leavers play. I remember being able to get closer to my friends and just having a really good time rehearsing and performing on the stage. I’m in year 10 now and I’ve been in a lot more productions and projects with different theatres and youth companies. I’ve got to know so many people and make friends with them. I’ve felt so rewarded after shows and I think theatre anywhere is a great idea. I can’t wait for any more acting jobs I can get my hands on in the future.

Icon Theatre Work Experience Placement

78% of the participating young people said they were more confident and had more friends as a result of the project
— Six Ways To Wellbeing, young people's wellbeing project
‘Icon Theatre has given me new friends, taught me new skills and challenged my lack of self-belief’
— Community Performer
'It helps you learn, it helps you grow and become more of what you want to become.'
— Ruby - Icon Youth Theatre (Medway)
★★★★ ‘A sharp, impeccably performed and blazingly impassioned piece of theatre…simply terrific.’
— The Times
★★★★ ‘It is easy to take for granted the acting skills of a top theatre company. But when actors embody characters as superbly as this, you can’t help but notice.’
— The New Statesman
‘It has been lifechanging. Lady Unchained has helped get my life changed, I’ve started to look for opportunities on the outside, and see that there is life after prison.’
— Young Artist, Cookham Wood Young People’s Theatre Programme

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