Sheppey Shadows

It was an ordinary week on the usually sleepy Isle of Sheppey… until the shadows appeared.

These mysterious jet black apparitions swooped low across the marshes, menacing towns, frightening children, stalling cars and causing the disappearance of at least one local resident. The local police and coastguard are mystified. Time for the Sheppey Sheriffs to investigate!

Led by local private eye Detective Clarsson, the Sheppey Sheriffs are a secret order of protectors of this ancient Isle. To the untrained eye they look like ordinary children. But each of them is bestowed with a unique skill, acquired from a magic potion brewed by the mysterious Jimmy, a 4-year-old enigma with his own lab.

The Sheppey Sheriffs fan out to conduct their enquiries… Little do they know, their investigation will lead them to uncover an ancient secret, and a grave danger.

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Sheppey Shadows is an Applied Stories project. Co-created with Queenborough School and Nursery, Minster-In-Sheppey Primary School and Theatre31 Youth Theatre. Commissioned by Icon Theatre.

Funded by the Let’s Create Jubilee Fund, made possible thanks to National Lottery players and administered by UK Community Foundations on behalf of the Arts Council.

Yakking With YAC – Episode One

Welcome to the first episode of Yakking with YAC! Theatre31’s Young Artist Collective (YAC) have been busy creating a new podcast covering all things theatre in Medway and Sheppey. Tune in for the latest updates from Theatre31 and Icon Theatre.

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78% of the participating young people said they were more confident and had more friends as a result of the project
— Six Ways To Wellbeing, young people's wellbeing project
‘It has been lifechanging. Lady Unchained has helped get my life changed, I’ve started to look for opportunities on the outside, and see that there is life after prison.’
— Young Artist, Cookham Wood Young People’s Theatre Programme
'It was the first time I got to see drama as something for myself and something I could actively participate in and enjoy.'
— Tef - Icon Youth Theatre (Medway)
'Theatre31 did a great job of making the children feel comfortable and you could see their confidence grow within the session!'
— Year 5 teacher, Queenborough School and Nursery, Sheppey
'Icon has been ahead of the curve in understanding that the arts have a role to play in bringing people together, helping them be heard by telling their own stories in their own way, and in the process creating a sense of pride in place and space.'
— Lyn Gardner, Theatre Journalist
'It helps you learn, it helps you grow and become more of what you want to become.'
— Ruby - Icon Youth Theatre (Medway)

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