As Medway regenerates, young people’s words including those of Icon Youth Theatre have been unleashed to inspire a better tomorrow.

Icon’s Youth Theatre joined over 100 local young people and Zest Theatre to create ‘Refresh Medway’. The project created space for young people to reflect on their experience of the last few years and release the voice of a generation. Co-led with local young people, workshops enabled young people to share their thoughts and feelings about anything and everything – from daily life to big thoughts about perfectionism, love and happiness.

Their words have now been turned into vibrant artworks and are displayed on building site hoardings and shop windows across Chatham Town Centre.

Refresh Medway places the voices of young people at the heart of their changing community, bringing colour and conversation to the place they call home.

Check out the gallery below. Photography (c) Nathan Eaton-Baudains

A Medway Cultural Education Partnership project commissioned by MCEP, Ideas Test, iCCi – University of Kent, and Medway Council. Supported by Royal Opera House Bridge and Pentagon Shopping Centre.


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