Poppy the Pirate & the Christmas Star

A joint production with Loop Dance, Play on Words Theatre Company and the Brook Theatre, Chatham.

When 6 year old Poppy goes to sleep on the first snow of Christmas, little does she realise what adventure awaits.

Designed specifically for audiences aged 3 — 6, this was an interactive, multi-sensory promenade performance with falling snow, a talking dog, an underwater lagoon, a magical firebird and original new songs by Darren Clark that audience members told us their children were still singing six months later!

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Nina Atkinson / Performer & Choreographer
Natalie Bond / Performer
Irina Borisova / Designer
Miriam Cooper / Performer & Writer
Darren Clark / Composer
Lindsey Crow / Performer
Jack Faires / Performer
Nancy Hirst / Director & Writer