Reginald Rabbit Rescues Christmas

A joint production with Loop Dance, Play on Words Theatre and the Brook Theatre Chatham.

When Reginald Rabbit is left by himself on Christmas Eve in the Rabbit Rescue Headquarters, an emergency message comes through. The Winter Witch has put a spell on her sister the Christmas Queen, and Christmas is cancelled till further notice!! What can be done?! Reginald is a brave rabbit though he is young, so off he sets – only Reggie can rescue Christmas!!

Created specifically for ages 3 – 6, this promenade production was interactive, fun, fuzzy, silky, snowy, sparkly, smelly (in a good way) and about as Christmassy as you can imagine!!

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Nina Atkinson / Performer & Choreographer
Darren Clark / Composer
Miriam Cooper / Performer & Writer
Daniel Desiano-Plummer / Performer
Wai Yin Kwok / Designer
Richard Mansfield / Performer
Tommy Murray / Performer
Nancy Hirst / Director & Writer