Pulse was a theatre collective for 18-30 year-olds in Medway that used theatre as a vehicle to tackle stigmas surrounding mental health and provided opportunities to learn new skills, and develop confidence and creativity.

Led by its members, Pulse brought together like-minded people who were passionate, creative and friendly to co-create innovative new work with Medway’s wider community, with a particular focus on connecting with older adults in care homes.

Pulse was supported by the People’s Health Trust and the Henry Smith Charity and met weekly from 2018-2020.

'Icon has been ahead of the curve in understanding that the arts have a role to play in bringing people together, helping them be heard by telling their own stories in their own way, and in the process creating a sense of pride in place and space.'
— Lyn Gardner, Theatre Journalist
★★★★ ‘A sharp, impeccably performed and blazingly impassioned piece of theatre…simply terrific.’
— The Times
'It helps you learn, it helps you grow and become more of what you want to become.'
— Ruby - Icon Youth Theatre (Medway)
'Theatre31 did a great job of making the children feel comfortable and you could see their confidence grow within the session!'
— Year 5 teacher, Queenborough School and Nursery, Sheppey
'It was the first time I got to see drama as something for myself and something I could actively participate in and enjoy.'
— Tef - Icon Youth Theatre (Medway)
‘Icon Theatre has given me new friends, taught me new skills and challenged my lack of self-belief’
— Community Performer

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